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“Under the Tree” Gift Box + 2 lbs. fresh cherries


We call this the “Under the Tree” gift because your giftee receives a gift box that can be placed “under the tree” as well as a fresh shipment of cherries in the summer!

The recipient of the Box will receive two parts to their gift:

  1. Shipping now: a box like that in the photo, containing:
    • One pound of honey made by a local beekeeper from whom we rent hives for our cherry blossom pollination
    • Half-pound of dried Montmorency cherries
    • Half-pound of chocolate-covered cherries.
    • Gift card for shipment of 2# of fresh sweet cherries, to be shipped next summer
    • A sample of Field-Cut Cherry Wood Chips straight from HH Orchards, for use in smoking/grilling
  2. Shipping Summer 2023: on your choice of dates
    • A shipment of 2# of fresh sweet cherries
    • This box will include the fresh cherries in a reusable net mesh produce bag.

Price includes shipping and handling.

If you would like to send multiple boxes to different recipients, please purchase separately.

Thank you Cherry Much!

Cherries, Ship date

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 11 × 6 in