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Cavalier cherries are an early, medium-sized cherry, which is commonly planted across Michigan. A dark burgundy color coupled with a robust cherry flavor. They are an early delight to kickoff the season.


Heart-shaped. Moderately firm, and very sweet and aromatic. The pits are small, which means more sweet cherry flesh for you to enjoy. ‘Summit’ was introduced in 1973 and is best eaten fresh as it can be a challenge to ship.   Generally ready to start harvesting the second week in July.



The ‘Ulster’ cherry is a mid-season cultivar, and a long time favorite of local growers. It is a large cherry with moderately firm flesh and a juicy center. Ulsters sometimes measure more than an inch in diameter.



Attikas are a dark, full-sized cherry that ripen mid to late season. The skin shimmers in the sun and the long stem serves as a wonderful handle for savoring. They are firm, almost crunchy, with a full flavor that begins with a sweet burst followed by a lingering tart twist on the back of one’s tongue.   Vulnerable to frost during the bloom, they are planted on high ground to avoid the frost in the valley, which kills the delicate bloom flowers. Generally ready to harvest in mid-July.



White Gold are a mid-sized, yellow colored cherries with red and pink specks and a super sweet taste. These ripen early to mid season. Generally ready to harvest the second week of July.

White Gold


Ebony Pearl is a large, eye-pleasing, mid-season cherry that sets the standard for size. Moderately firm and crunchy, Ebony Pearl is dark red with excellent flavor and high brix, averaging 21%. The stems are long and securely attached. This is the best tasting of the red Pearl series, mostly sweet but with a nice tang to it. Generally ready to harvest in mid-July

Ebony Pearl


This very large, dark red, firm, late-season sweet cherry with a more subtle cherry flavor profile. Its sweet low-acid flavor, crunchy texture and eye appeal commands attention alongside its extra long stem. This variety is harvested about the third week in July and is reported to store for up to five weeks. 



As the name suggests, Sweetheart is a large, bright red heart-shaped cherry. Sweetheart matures at the end of the season, just before August, and remains firm after picking.