Hallstedt Homestead

Our Values

The Land, Access and Joy

HH Cherries is built on what we value as owners, farmers and a family. From the earliest days in 2006, three things inspired us and sustained us through the years, and much like the trees themselves that were planted and matured over time, our values of the land, access and joy grow with each year of operation.

The Land

We searched dozens of properties and nothing felt right until Phil climbed a snowy hill in February to see the rolling hills, woods and privacy of the place we call home. After the snow cleared, we focused on the sandy loam soil itself, and the abundance of fresh clean water which traces back to Lake Superior. And then beyond our hills is the wonder of Leelanau, with Lake Michigan buffering the temperature swings and providing the micro-environment to grow cherries, grapes and apples in abundance.


From the beginning we brought friends and neighbors to our Hallstedt Homestead from weekends and vacations to assist and play in what we call “God’s Country”. We believe we are simply stewards of the land, and as time went on, we enjoyed expanding the circle of visitors to the public through our u-pick operations and events which fit with the rural character of a homestead and an active farming operation. Access to us means sharing the land such that each person feels valued and safe, thus able to relax and enjoy their time here.


Joy to us is as much a reminder to ourselves as well as recognition of sharing the fruits of our labors with others. Farming is difficult and an emotional experience of successes and failures, and Joy reminds us that we chose this lifestyle, and that Joy can be a fleeting experience for so many. Thus, we make a point to be joyful and share joy with all that visit and experience the orchard and flower farm with us.

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