Hallstedt Homestead

Press Coverage

HH Cherries has been blessed with lots of press coverage over the years. Looking back it is fun to see how we have progressed over time, both in the maturity of the trees as well as our own knowledge and experience in the industry. Explore some of our favorite readings over the years.

May 2022

Early Summer Cherry Republic Catalog

HH cherries is featured as one of Cherry Republic’s favorite U-Picks!

View HH Cherries in Cherry Republic Spring 2022 Catalog

Cherry Republic Blog

Sarah is quoted by Cherry Republic about why Northern Michigan is the “perfect place for cherries”. (From our Feast and Field interview, Summer of 2021 below).


March 2022

Feast and Field — March 2022

Sarah is highlighted in an article at “Feast and Field” as one of ten women in agriculture that are “leading the way to a world with better food”.


Summer 2021

Feast and Field

Phil and Sarah are the subject of Issue 22 in a food-focused digital magazine exploring farming, food production, culinary history and cooking called “Feast and Field”. The episode is titled “Cherries in Northern Michigan”.

For the article: Embracing agritourism in the cherry capital of the world

For the video: Bold & Sassy: Michigan Sweet Cherries

Summer 2020

Cherry Republic — Meet the Farmers

Cherry Republic wrote about Sarah in a “Meet the Farmers” blog.

HH Cherries is written up in their blog.

February 2020

Cherry Republic — "Year of the Cherry Farmer"

Cherry Republic highlighted HH Cherries during their “Year of the Cherry Farmer” – themed catalog.

Read what they wrote

July 2019

Traverse Magazine

“Traverse” magazine – Hallstedt Homestead and King Orchards are interviewed by Emily Tyra about life on the orchard.


Summer of 2018

Leelanau Enterprise — 5-part series

The Leelanau Enterprise feature Hallstedt Homestead in a 5-part series about “newbie farmers”. Below are links to the five articles. (If you are not a current subscriber, you will not be able to read articles)

April 26, 2018: https://www.leelanaunews.com/articles/newbie-cherry-farmers-readying-for-trees-to-awaken-from-winter/ 

May 31, 2018: https://www.leelanaunews.com/articles/bees-trees/ 

June 28, 2018: https://www.leelanaunews.com/articles/new-cherry-growers-find-comfort-in-community/ 

July 19, 2018: https://www.leelanaunews.com/articles/timing-decisions-crucial-during-cherry-harvest/ 

August 30, 2018: https://www.leelanaunews.com/articles/full-time-orchardists-reach-cherry-goal/